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Catherine Sawatsky began her extraordinarily successful sales career in Broadcast Television, Radio and Cable TV. Her formative years in media taught her the value of marketing and promotion and it was here that she honed her sales skills. 15 years ago, Catherine, who had attracted a Real Estate Client to her and husband Ken’s advertising firm, Simon Marketing, decide her real love and interest lay in Real Estate sales. She jumped in wholeheartedly and committed her energy, time, and resources into learning how to navigate a budding business during the worst possible time – in the midst of the Great Recession of ’06-‘09 Unwilling to give up on her newfound passion, Catherine survived the early hard knocks and developed into a seasoned agent in one of the toughest eras of real estate. Over 500 transactions later, Catherine has earned her stripes! When asked about her success, Catherine will say “I’m simply doing what I love to do and when you’re lucky enough to do that, it never feels like work.” She truly enjoys what she does. Catherine sees her daily mission as championing a client’s goal – be it remodeling a home for a quick and lucrative sale, educating a first-time buyer on the process, a complicated relocation to a different region, or selling under sensitive circumstances.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree and trudging through 5 years in customer service, Caitlin Sawatsky had a decision to make. Witnessing Catherine’s appetite for real estate, Caitlin decided at the age of 22 to join her mother - spending one year as an unlicensed assistant and obtaining her real estate license in 2013. Primarily serving as a buyer’s agent and aid to Catherine, Caitlin had the opportunity to learn on the job with an exemplary mentor’s guidance. From assisting on showings and open houses, developing marketing materials, and taking listing photos, her tasks expanded as she transitioned into the position of Transaction Coordinator in 2016 – some may say that paperwork is the worst part of the job, but she relishes reading through, perfecting her knowledge of and internalizing the contractual side of a real estate transaction.

As Caitlin grew into her new responsibilities and good fortune would have it, Catherine’s son Aaron Sawatsky also earned his real estate license and then stepped in to fill an important role. Since there is no such thing as a two-legged stool, Aaron’s significance to the team became readily apparent! As a buyer’s agent and the team’s ‘glue’, using Catherine’s term, Aaron has added an important ingredient to the operation. From his easy-going temperament, to his years of customer relations experience, Aaron possesses acute instincts when handling clients in delicate situations. A diligent worker, since delivering newspapers as a pre-teen, Aaron possesses experience in a variety of industries - law enforcement, culinary arts, sales and customer service. Aaron exudes trustworthiness. His clients feel at ease with his support and guidance.

Catherine Sawatsky, Sawatsky Realtors Fresno Ca.

Catherine Sawatsky, Sawatsky Realtors Fresno Ca.

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