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What can be said about “Real Estate’s Most Offensive Speaker” that hasn’t already been said?

“Beef” Wellington Pendell is the man that the DRE loves to hate. Beef says it like it is and will pull no punches showing you exactly how to destroy your competition in a listing presentation, buyer’s agency, managing an office or just about anything else where you are competing for business. Beef speaks to more real estate agents, face to face, each year than ANY other person in the State of California. He has trained, coached or mentored over 100,000 agents in his almost thirty (30) year real estate career. Beef will teach you to get 7% commissions, a listing every week, how to dominate your hunting area and so much more. Beef will teach you techniques, other coaches have never even heard of!

Are you ready for a bare-knuckled, hard-core, no nonsense MASTER that will produce results above and beyond ANY coach in the market? If so, Beef is your man. But leave your sensitive feelings at the door!


  • Kicking the crap out of your competition, period!

  • Dominating in any listing presentation.

  • Beating iBuyers and discount brokers.

  • Tenacity, Overcoming Obstacles, Never Say Die!

  • “Beating other coaches with half my brain tied behind me back!”

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Beef Wellington, Everywhere, USA

Beef Wellington, Everywhere, USA

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