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Wendy Whitelaw has come to the attention of organizations when they were able to see firsthand the effects of her personal coaching efforts and successful Real Estate endeavors.  Wendy combines her experiences of success and tragedy intertwined with her love for psychology, spiritual inspiration and mastermind thinking.  She has supported hundreds of followers in personal growth and triumphant success in their personal and professional lives.

Wendy’s exceptional journey in the real estate industry makes her the ideal woman in business to help transform her clients businesses and life’s.

Wendy Whitelaw’s outstanding success in real estate, led her to create a coaching program for the real estate industry allowing other agents to increase their success exponentially.  She created an REO buyer certification course, certifying hundreds agents allowing for their advancement. Wendy was recruited into management where she started with a small franchise real estate office.  She was recruited again, this time by a large Real Estate company, to manage their Temecula branch office where she helped over 60 agents forward their careers! Wendy has personally completed over 300 transactions over her career in Real Estate, while overseeing thousands more!

Wendy and her daughters suffered a fire of their home in December of 2011. Feeling it was time to change direction to a more autonomous work arena, she went back to her passion of helping people by selling Real Estate, training and coaching other Real Estate agents and business owners. Wendy then formed her Consulting company called Propel Systems Inc that she runs with her Fiancé Kurt Ecclefield.  Wendy is also owner and coach for Wendy Whitelaw Coaching. Wendy and Kurt’s then opened the Real Estate Resource Center in May of 2015.   The Real Estate Resource Center was a space where Brokers, Realtors and Affiliates could pay a membership fee which allowed them to use the space to meet clients, conduct and attend training in a synergistic supportive environment. Due to Covid the RERC is currently closed.

Wendy and Kurt currently own Real Estate places in Temecula CA.

Wendy served as a Board of Director for her local Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors where she has had the pleasure of serving her fellow Realtor’s for 6 years. Wendy feels that valuable education creates the highest level of professionalism and confidence in a Realtor’s behavior and work ethic!

Wendy also spends some time painting and helping with various organizations in the community!

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