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Roseville Location Guide

Attending an upcoming Success Seminar in Roseville?

Here is everything you need to know:

The Opera House 

411 Lincoln Street, Roseville, CA 95678

In the early days of the 20th century if a town did not have an Opera House it was not considered a proper town. In keeping with that sentiment, Alexander Bell McRae committed to build a first-class building in the center of town that would be deemed Roseville’s Opera House. The building was completed in 1908, and many events have taken place in the upstairs portion of the building, including live theatre, a roller-skating rink, semi pro boxing matches, and even the local newspaper operated out of the upstairs, but there has never been an opera. The McRae building still stands as a grand reminder of Roseville’s past.


Today, The Opera House is known as one of the premier live event showcases in North Sacramento. Talented artists from all over perform on their stage and now The Career Compass is a part of that history.

Roseville Parking.png


Directly across from The Opera House is a 150 space FREE Public Parking lot. 

Just 1 block down Lincoln Street is an additional 45 space FREE Public Parking lot. 

There is also free street parking on the various streets of Old Town Roseville.

Roseville Hotels.png


Roseville, CA is a diverse community and the hotel accommodations reflect that as well. You will find there are many different places to stay at various price points to fit your budget. 

While there are not any hotels in the Old Town Roseville area, just a short drive away is the modern Galleria with lots of restaurants, bars, and hotels to choose from. 

We encourage you to take a look at the surrounding area and find the right accommodations for you! 

Roseville Food.png


Old Town Roseville will not disappoint even the pickiest of eaters with all its highly rated local choices all within walking distance! 

Bar 101 Eats & Drink is right across the street and with 4.6 stars on Google, we think that is a safe bet for just about anyone! 

Feeling a little spicy? El Charro Taqueria is just a little further down the path and will for sure satisfy the flavor seeker. 

Ready to split a pie? A pizza pie that is! Old Town Pizza is so highly rated it would be criminal not to give them a try! 

And there are so many more! We encourage you to explore! 

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