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I used to ride horses on the beaches of San Francisco. Once there was a group of us who got to ride visiting race horses on the Polo fields of Golden Gate park ... those bebe's were fast! Almost lost my friend Cyndi!

I saw Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Cotton blues band, and many other local bands at Filmore west in SF. I saw the Beetles land at the SF airport in fourth grade :)

I was a gymnast in school, I used to play congo drums on the SF beach during afternoon jam sessions with flute, trumpet and guitar players in high school.

I've been on mission trips to foreign countries witnessing the most amazing poor and honest people. I have seen God work in my life and in the lives of others. I've seen addicts get clean and drunks get sober and change their lives forever.

I am a generous heart and have so much respect for people who consider others first.

I love a good adventure story, especially from global travel. I admire people who are successful because of their character.



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